QUICK START to Succeed and Thrive!

Plan to make this the Best Year of Your Life!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to explore coaching and see how powerful it can be, my Quick Start program is for you.

Most new resolutions fail because people don’t have the tools to sustain any meaningful change. By enlisting a Coach as your “Thinking Partner” and accountability resource, AND the tools for creating a road map, you take a stand for your own sustainable success!

What “Quick Start” is:

Perfect for busy professionals or those who are new to coaching, when you enroll in Quick Start, you’ll embark on a 30 day program with real results. When you sign up, you’ll get two coaching sessions in person or by phone, worksheets and other handy tools, and weekly email check-ins. One month is all it takes to get you from “what you want” to a plan to get you there!

What you get with the program:

  • Easy steps to clear away overwhelm and build on your strengths
  • An understanding of your road blocks – all the junk holding you back
  • A way to challenge and clear away your limitations
  • You’ll walk away with a solid plan, one that is designed for you
  • Specific actions to put the plan into motion
  • Coaching that fits into your life, whether you prefer to work with me by phone, or in person and by e-mail.
  • 30 days to your best life
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

You can do anything for 30 days. Why not transform your life?

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“Deborah challenges me

to identify barriers and confront obstacles so I am more productive and aligned with my deepest goals. Her insights along my journey are invaluable.”

Rosemary Collins, Business Owner

“Deborah is an energetic, engaging and skillful listener.

“Deborah is an energetic, engaging and skillful listener who is always fully present when we meet. She challenges me to confront obstacles and identify barriers in my practice so that I am more productive and aligned with my deepest goals. Her insights along my journey are invaluable.” ”

Amy | Project Manager at the University of Michigan and Professional Artist

“Deborah listens carefully to my short-term and long-term goals

and sets a course of strategy including time-tables to carry out my plans and keep it within a structure and focus.”

Nancy Wolfe | Educator, Professional Artist

“She challenges me to recognize my worth

I love Debbie! She is kind, insightful and honest. She challenges me to recognize my worth, identify obstacles and pursue my goals. She treats me as if I am already the person I hope to be. She is a rare find and a joy!”

Heather Suffron, Business Owner and aspiring ESL Specialist