Can Do or Push and Shove

untitled-design-1-e1467825445706On Tuesday, I was enjoying coffee with a friend as she described two businessmen, members of her Master Mind Group, who owned the same kind of businesses-Home Health Care Agencies. She was wondering aloud why one of them was successful and the other was not. What could be the determining factors of success or failure?

The Home Health Care industry is the type of business that is never closed – clients have needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The people they serve need frequent contact. But not only that, the providers they hire to do the hands on work also have their own challenges — cars that break down on the way to work, sick children that keep them home, etc… But missing work can’t be an option.

These two businessmen did constant problem solving. One rolled up his sleeves and met the challenges, trying to figure out solutions. The other one became overwhelmed with client needs, angry with his employees and eventually closed his doors. Same business, different outcome. What specifically was different? I pointed out that the two business owners had a different approach. And it stemmed from their individual perspectives — their mindset.

What is mindset? Here is my definition, “A fixed mental attitude or disposition that pre-determines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.”

Do you see problems and react to them? Or do you see challenges and respond to them? Different response, different outcome. If overwhelm or challenges with problem solving are things you deal with, it’s time to transform your mindset.