Nourish to Flourish

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. When on the road  driving or waiting in airports, it’s hard to find fresh healthy food. Hungry and weary travelers are at the mercy of what’s available.

During one of my travels, I read the book, “Eating: A Memoir” by Jason Epstein.  The author writes vividly about the experience of food. As a former book editor, he was lucky enough to work with some great chefs on cookbooks and notable writers in conversation over dinner. He also had a childhood full of  interesting food. Epstein enjoys creating  meals prepared with the dual purpose of nourishment and increasing the pleasures of life. Nourish to Flourish.nourish-to-flourish

When you’re hungry and busy, sometimes you grab for whatever is available. When I set aside time for the Farmer’s Market, I’m inspired by the fresh produce. On those occasions, I  spend an hour in the kitchen, happily creating a meal that provides complete contentment.

I think the difference is intention. We’re hungry, we reach for the nearest thing, for instant gratification, but the results are less satisfying. With different  intention, the results nourish both our bodies and our spirits.

This story isn’t just about food, of course, but of being aware of our choices. Do we choose the easiest thing, even when it isn’t satisfying? Or do we choose that which  increases the fullness of life, that makes life better, bigger, more satisfying. What is your hunger to nourishment ratio?