Where is Your Power?

These days I am leaning into my Coaching Model, “Coaching is love in action in a professional way.” Feeling great love for my community. Holding

Waiting patiently for signs of spring

both concern and amazement in my heart for all of you. Striving to remain open to possibilities of change for the good. Holding space for those suffering. On the lookout for silver linings. Feeling compassion for those in the gap. Waiting patiently for signs of spring.

Where is Your Power?
People who have experienced deep fear and anxiety in the past can re-experience it to a greater degree when something in the environment triggers fear. The global emergency we are all experiencing has the power to do just that. Even though this crazy moment is unique for us living in the 21st century, our response to it is dependent on how we handle stress. Old trauma leaves an imprint on the brain and can re-emerge. Quarantine, social isolation, radical changes in our work lives, loss of control – all contribute to creating a situation for triggering overwhelming anxiety. While everyone’s response is unique, there are common reactions; just know that feeling upended about the pandemic is okay and normal.

Are you:
Replaying fearful thoughts?
Impatient? Feeling angry? 
Feeling powerless?

Action is the antidote to anxiety, and there is a lot you can do to help you get through this. That’s where your power is. Let’s brainstorm together. Schedule here, it’s free.

I love what Brene Brown is saying. “OPEN YOUR HEART. WASH YOUR HANDS. SPREAD LOVE.”

Big love to you,

She rolled down the window, and let it go…

The Tyranny of the Couch

Carolyn was driving along a quiet stretch of highway, daydreaming, when an intriguing idea formed in her consciousness. The idea was exciting. Tempting at first. But then made her anxious. Nope. She opened her window and let it go.

After returning home she quickly was knee deep in work. Some weeks later, coming home from work late one night, the idea popped up again, and held her attention. She pushed it away. It didn’t seem do-able. And, if she followed through, it would definitely mess with her orderly life. For what? Following her idea into territory with no guarantees. She couldn’t have it. She pushed it away again.

(I’ve talked to lots of ‘Carolyn’s’ with this dilemma. Good people. With great ideas — but following closely behind are the questions, the doubt, the possible impact and upheaval. Work, time and energy.)

The couch is so cozy, I think I’ll stay right here, thank you very much. THE idea — to end something– leave an uninspiring job or dying relationship. Or fresh beginnings– a new adventure, a new career, look for a new romance, take a year off to pursue a dream … the variables are endless. The common denominator, something new is calling you.

How do you know when to listen?

1. It’s an idea that resonates. Does your heart expand when you think about it? Do you feel a sense of relief? Check in closely with how you feel.

2. The idea is persistent. It keeps appearing in one way or another.

3. It is precisely the thing that might shake up ‘your orderly life’. It makes you a bit anxious, somewhat afraid, leads you to doubt yourself. All of this is necessary TO GET YOUR ATTENTION.

Carolyn was not a lazy person (she worried that she was). What was going on for her was an internal narrative that didn’t align with who she really was. She was in conflict with herself, and not completely aware of it. Will she be lured to the comfort of the couch and stay put? Or will she do the work necessary to create a bigger, better version of her life story.

Come on adventurers, put your boots on and let’s go!