“It’s time to live your life with meaning.”


As defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary

“Something (as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable.”

Synonyms: appreciate, cherish, prize, treasure, love

I have been doing so much thinking about values in preparation for the workshop on Saturday and finding it a fascinating subject. That word is thrown about, abused and used by our culture, in my opinion. So much so, that polite people avoid it. When we avoid reflecting on something so important, we impoverish our growth. I’m not talking about values in the political or judgmental sense. But in the personal meaning category, where it belongs.

What are values? I think it is synonymous with our desire for meaning. You can’t avoid that conversation for long before you say, “Enough. If not now, when? It’s time to live my life with meaning.” Start the discussion for yourself, this Saturday. http://www.eventbrite.com/org/2579871566