Moving Through Fear

      I wrote a blog post recently about Persistence, springing out of the story of “The King’s Speech”. The piece of this story that I found to be so inspirational was the fact that the King’s fear of public speaking never went away, he just learned to move through it. (With the help of his brilliant therapist).

      Stepping into the same waters, I am inspired every time I pick up the book, “The Courage to Create” by Rollo May. Today’s gem centered around, ‘The Paradox of Courage’. Rollo May writes about the seeming paradox, ‘that we must be fully committed to the creative endeavor while also being aware at the same time that we might also be wrong.’ New ideas, hours spent pursuing them, weeks, months, bringing them into being. The end result may not be success in the way we envision it. What should we do? Stay stuck? Turn our back? (Fill in the blank ).  It takes real courage to persist. May writes, “Commitment (to creating) is healthiest when it is not without doubt, but IN SPITE of doubt.”

      Many people let fear undermine their desire for growth and change. When you are tired of fear circumscribing your life, the scales begin to tip. The commitment to grow in spite of mistakes is vital and will always lead to living more authentically. What small acts of creative courage can you commit to?