Permission Granted

I recently read a blog post by Dr. Brene Brown about her interview with Oprah Winfrey. “I was scared/scared!” she admitted. Sweaty, shaky, nervous kind of scared. Then she did a beautiful thing, she wrote herself a permission slip and tucked it into her pocket. It said, “I give you permission to be excited and goofy and uncool. Just show up and be seen.”

Where are you scared on the way to your good life? Write yourself a permission slip and tuck it into your pocket, tape it to your bathroom mirror, stick it to the console of your car. Give yourself permission to  ‘……….’ Mine reads today, “I give you permission to try something new and to be open to see where it goes. Then celebrate in the (f)act of trying.” I am making a commitment to myself to let go of the results.

Here is the evidence. Sometimes my blog entries fly and you say, “Thanks for that!” Sometimes they fall flat, (you show me mercy, and I say ‘thanks for that!’) Win or lose, there is always some value to the act.

Don’t hide or stay small. Write your permission slip now.

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