Re-energize with Group Coaching Series



 Do you feel stuck?

Overwhelmed by the ‘shoulds’ but feel called to more?

Are you living the life you were meant to live?

What are you waiting for………..

A five part Group Coaching series developed for people who want to re-energize their work and life.  Covering such topics as:

  • Finding Work /Life Balance
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Growth and Change
  • Creating a powerful vision for your Work
  • Setting and Achieving the Right goals
  • Support for your goals and intentions

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What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is a small group process led by a professional coach for the purpose of personal and professional development and greater self awareness. It  combines the power of coaching with the gift of group support. Participants are inspired and motivated to bring new energy to their life and work. Why wait to be inspired, call or e-mail today!

There will be plenty of room for you to bring particular challenges of the week too, apart from our stated topic. You will get resources, assessments, and other useful tools.

Thank you for investing in yourselves and your work with your interest in this Group Coaching Series. Fill out the form today and get started. What are you waiting for?

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Deborah Campbell –  Coach/ 734/645-6847