5 Principles for Inner Transformation

A recent post on “dailygood.org” underscored some inspirational principles for inner transformation. As we all wrestle with these issues, it is always good to give them a moment for reflection. The author created these five areas for achieving more happiness at work. I would add that these principles can be broadly applied to every area of your life. In brief:

1. Perfection is a Paradox…….Our lack of clarity around the myth of perfection creates misery for ourselves.

2. Protect Your Values……….Defining values and establishing boundaries to protect them is paramount.

3. Build High Quality Relationships…….Even a 5 minute positive conversation boosts productivity and engagement.

4. Connect to transcendent purpose and cultivate mastery………….Are you watching the clock or building toward a greater purpose?

I invite you to read the post in depth, and see what resonates with you? ServiceSpace Blog: 5 Principles for Inner Transformation at Work | ServiceSpace.org.

Deborah Campbell—- a Coach specializing in transition and personal transformation. deborahcampbellcoach@gmail.com. 734/645-6847