Hello from ‘Antarctica’

Have I been traveling? In a way, yes. I have been submerged in an exploratory laboratory taking samples and testing them out. Exploring new vistas. Am I really in Antarctica? No. I’m not even on a boat, or anything else. I have been doing all this from the place I call home, moving mostly from a comfortable couch in my home office, to my basement studio (lab) to my backyard garden.

But I have been away from writing for the last six months and I have missed connecting with you. I have spent my time coaching clients, learning with coach specialty courses. I took a poetry class and I joined two artist’s working groups. I spent time imagining, and then planning, new projects. One titled “Coaching the Imagination: How to Use the Creative Process to Grow Anything”. I have also led workshops, retreats, and “Master Mind” groups all with the title, “Focus on What Matters Most”. (Curious? Contact me at Focus and Creativity )

Thanks to the pandemic and related quarantine to force me to invent some new adventures!

Submerged in all of that. And of course, bumping into a few ‘icebergs’. Accepting the invitation to experience the gorgeous vistas of meeting new people and immersing myself in creating new things. Coaching is all about transformation. Transforming ourselves through the vicissitudes of reality and finding joy there.

Now, we are like the famous ground hog peeking our heads out to see if spring has arrived, life will be changing again. How will you transition — transform the rest of 2021? I would love to hear. Anytime