Two Faced

Masses of Lego pieces were piled high. My little Florida sweetheart was intent on choosing just the right part to match the fantastic machine he would engineer. Lego’s are the perfect toy, they connect the maker with zillions of possibilities. This led me to thinking about connections……….

Screenshot 2016-01-06 17.45.56


January. Named for the Roman god Janus — the god of the doorway. Janus has two faces, one facing backwards and one facing forwards. This month is a time of transitions. As we flow into a new year, new possibilities, we pass over a threshold between past, present and future. Whether you commit to New Year’s resolutions, embrace evolutions or plant your flag in a personal revolution, now is the time to step through the door way and imagine what could be possible. How? Connect.Screenshot 2016-01-06 17.51.04

To yourself — Carve out one hour, and re-focus. If you’re like me, November/December was full of distracting activities. Take 60 minutes, and spend that in reflection. What were your accomplishments last year? What was left undone? Then…

Connect to your intentions for 2016 — how do you want to EVOLVE this year?

Next, how does that connect to your life — how can you plug-in your intentions? Integrate them into your everyday activities?

Clear intentions are good, but you must connect them to action — What small steps make sense to begin with?

Importantly, connect to others — gather your board of support. Evolution has greater success when shared with trusted people.

And then, stay connected – by frequently revisiting your big picture intentions.

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