“When are you READY?”

I came across an interview with Lyle Lovett the other day. He is someone (I believe) who has so much depth and soul, that when he speaks, I listen. (When he sings, I listen too!)

He said: “I’ve never been ready to do a single thing I’ve ever done in my life. I haven’t been prepared enough, haven’t studied enough, haven’t known enough. You can never be ready. There’s just so much to know.”

One of the secrets to success is not waiting until we are READY to move into change and growth. Waiting until the magic ready button lights up, leads to self reproach and mountains of frustration. Stuckness.

Begin. Where you Are. Dive in, and let Lyle set the mood!

From an interview in Esquire Magazine, February 2012Lyle_Lovett.jpg-7740